Friday, December 18, 2020

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Jay Schneider, LifeEnterprise

During this time of uncertainty, little things mean a lot. Whether it be a pat on the back, a thank you, or just a note to say have a good day, kids need positives in their lives.

Sue Morsching, who owns Elysian Auto with her husband Carl, saw a display of kindness in the Twin Cities. Morsching saw a heart wall, where individuals had a chance to provide uplifting messages written on a small heart. They were displayed for all to see and she felt this was something which could be done locally. “Let the kids express their feelings,” Morsching said. “The kids are living in a historic moment and the WEM Strong Heart Wall will help express their feelings. I’m hoping it will be something positive in the community.”

“Elysian Auto asked if we would be willing to partner on a project again,” WEM head volleyball coach Crystal Lamont said. “Elysian Auto is a great supporter of the WEM School and community. We enjoy partnering with community businesses.” Elysian Auto and the WEM varsity volleyball team partnered last year to sell Buccaneer foam #1 fingers. they also provided a team meal before the Bucs competed in the State Tournament.

“Sue found the heart project and we both agreed it would be perfect”, Lamont said. “we wanted to give the students and community a sign of hope and strength. We are stronger when we are united.”  We are WEM Strong!

Elysian Auto provided the WEM strong signs and the hearts and Lamont got things organized at the school. The art teachers at Waterville and classroom teachers in Morristown had the WEM K-6 students design the hearts. Once the hearts were done the volleyball team stepped up to get them hung up on the Waterville fence. “The kids can see their individual heart hung with the rest of the hearts and see that we are a Buccaneer Family,” Lamont added. “We are all here for each other and we will get through these challenges together.”

Hundreds of hearts were decorated and then attached along with the WEM strong signs which are located on the softball fence near the Waterville Elementary entrance and the tennis court fence in Morristown.

Over 200 decorated hearts are hung on a fence outside Waterville-Elysian-Morristown's elementary school by the high school volleyball team, Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, in Waterville, Minn. The hearts were decorated by students at the elementary and were hung outside to encourage hope and school spirit. (Source: Gage Cureton)

WEM Strong Heart Wall - Stop In At Elysian Auto Service If You Would Like A FREE Heart to add to the WEM Strong Heart Wall in Waterville or Morristown. 

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